Knowitt projects focus on low environmental footprint, revamping the yet seen beauty of existing material, while building affordably and progressively.
Company Overview
We have collaborated with true artists that all share passion in creating beauty through fabrication, carpentry, repurposing and design. Pull-n-Pours make it simple to have a one-of-a-kind tap on the go. These mobile bars are built with engineered stability, repurposed material and created with uniqueness, passion, a lot of love and laughter. The exact things these creations bring to our community with just a flip of a tap.
Romantic, restorative projects of continuing the circle of life. Repurposing vintage trailers to only exceed the dreamer's dream. Events, bands, breweries, coffee shops, bee keepers, winos, tool name it. We will convert anything to maintain the circle of life while designing a one of a kind pull-behind of your wildest dreams.

Accessory/Alternative Dwelling Units (ADUs):
Secondary, flexible dwelling options that reduce the demand for expanding infrastructure and provide affordable housing in areas without changing the character and with very low environmental footprint.